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by John Cathal O'Brien

Sun 05:58
MOMENT IN THE SUN:you know this arches will we ever come to pass you know this avalanche is not without its charms i'm sick of everyone and they're all buried and gone. throw a dice you might shout out for snake eyes in our defense there's worse things to rely on who pushed who away and whose still on our side. they are faceless blank ones gonna wait for their moment in the sun if it comes seen the other side the cast away eyes back another place think of all the things we had. why do we stay here if it makes us feel sooooo.the bell it never rings and so i get knocked out finding away thru the shadow and the doubt i cant hear nothing but i see an open mouth.as if their soundless a quiet one holding on for some moment in the sun, should it come.the leaves were green and as they turn to brown your color them back in with a crayon that you found a call out to me but i don't hear a sound. goes on ages and some might say to far to choose amnesia ease the tension in the car. you call me stranger and i don't know who you are.as if were sightless these blind ones holding on for the moment in the sun.
Lifetime 03:26
LIFETIME:when we finished praying and we've bible scars , put my head to your chest felt the murmur of your heart as our bones got softer i thought we'd cheer up but the wish never saw the well and we had no such luck. we ain't the same beans we were before it ain't the same being here when your driving golf balls into the sea and the bed looks like a broken rosary bead. state your case write down where you intend to go and then set it on fire don't fornicate none don't ever call, remember love is good but loves not all. i tried god but gods a fraud he came to the store and i swear that he bought a fifth of whiskey and a dirty mag and he says when it comes to girls i wish i was a fag.don't know enough to say what becomes of us, who'll be the blade to my line. don't give up if its all too much, sure its only a lifetime
Lina 05:32
LOVE IS NOT ALL:in a couple of years darling i wont be able to remember the patterns of the bumps of your skull if we were tangled wires we'll soon be untethered and be all appalled that love is not all.if the moons your enemy could i be your sun forever from a distance near planetary close but always apart. sensation of light and heat in your room where you lay with your love but love is not all.theres a single flower in a vacant lot in new york and i used to believe in everything it stood for but in a world such as this where nothings allowed to be pure hammer and fist love is not all. im still creating images ive plagiarized and im working right now on a series i think you might like its thousands of paintings of god's boy on the cross and of course they're all called love is not all get out my head get out of my country your a sickness your a fuckin disease ive gotten into hiding and minding my own business its me and pills..... and love is not all theres a question of arsonry you could be torn between murder and robbery and love is not all there could also be comedy i been chasing my tail what else do you want from me and love is not all i remember some fog and did we get lost did we just wander off and love is not all i recall fits of rage to many drinks falling clean off the stage and love is not all.
Adam 05:31
ADAM:said goodbye to passing feeling across the floor then the wall then the ceiling i was fortunate i let it go sitting here doing adam and you know.i was armed but i did not fight adam had a nosebleed and i was sorry for his plight he took a cigarette and he set it alight i love to watch him he smokes'em like a birth right. and all these colors like roses bloom i was reminded of my life in a room and on the windows i hung pictures of argentina. where is adam with his cup of ice his body of love his cold pale eyes hope he comes and lays with me forever.hold the phone hold all calls i'm in love with adam after all. hold his head back give him air adams gone but adam he is here.if your an element elements gonna sway gonna ruin that game that we play, break the rules and me doing fine poor adam honest and behind. i'm playing dead like you were b4 start to look like him more and more, just a memory of adam and not a fond one. who will bind me and drop me off hold me ransom look down from above who will take the words right out of my mouth. people roam and move outside drunken screams of relief and pride said goodbye to a century that didnt end well. tell me more tell us none ready for you adam where you from . hold his head back give him air adams gone but adam he is in there.said you felt something but i needed proof we're already high but you want to go up on the roof why you always trying to be so elusive.
Warred 07:37
WARRED:i dont think we'll ever feel the things we felt b4 i stayed nursing soldiers here and you went of to war. i settled all your debts for you and despite of all berlin i still hold a place for you but i could never love again. i know that your better than anyone ive had but life goes on and thru it all i have lived and i have laughed. hope your colleagues never tricked you and you live on pleasant land and the faces of your country men dont haunt your quarry mind. if evil was your injury could i have been your cane nothing much just a crutch to help you on your way. like when i lose myself and read between the lines you know i regret everything i ever left behind. so put a mallet on the table a broken clock upon the mantle give me all those old photos to arrange and dismantle. my minds not on the labor it was not on the field it was running on the dirt road gone with dust up round its heels.darling when i feel the weight come down on me i know there's hope i know there's rope there is the gallows darling in my dreams when the curtains close on the scene i go the cliffs i look the rocks i hope the shallows i've not been sleeping easy i've not been sleeping sound thru 50 years a million tears i get up and walk around. i wonder if you died there if your bones are feeding plants. i think this is the worst thing till i think of another woman's hands and then i start to wonder if i was your last you were mine but then i sigh for the family i've had. but for one brush of your finger is what id trade them for. but i stayed nursing soldiers here and you went off to war.
WHERE OR WHEN:im smoking wet cigarettes by the side of the road your filing a complaint with the department of water its been raining straight for a week so much for sunny california. eventually i start to drift around like the boats in that gross sushi restaurant i hope i never get picked hope i go the whole way around. and you just wave from the side of the pier point to your belly in regards to motion sickness and i was gone for 8 years did you even notice. high society girls still look like muck no matter how many pearls they have and they aint going cheap but its been so long since someone has rocked me to sleep its them or wine in boxes that i could stack up to reach my bottles cuz i have brain to dissolve i made arrangements.dont recall what happened in paris i walked thru walls in berlin, i was fed to the wolves in moscow i did not know my where or my when. im sweating bullets and im in the shade theres folks singing songs you are in stitches but i dont get the joke you dont know why your laughing the passing cavalcade has a dead president and a star from the 60s but only their eyes are displayed and they seem surprised to be in the parade. you are dressed to the 9s but covered in stains theres dirt on my shirt. the crowd gives us props for trying but they know it wont work. were paying for it all currently we'll pay for it all in awhile. my heart has yet to beat normally nor my arms return to my side.theres so many options and so very often im exhausted just thinkin about them theres still no view from the hill but buildings on buildings. i wonder why dont roll down my feet in the air tasting the ground i suppose i forgot to let go thats why i don’t remember what happened in paris how i walked thru walls in berlin why i was fed to the wolves in moscow why i dont know my where or my when.
Ltlu 05:28
LTLU: this ain't no war and i'm no soldier ain't no way here to cross the line put your head upon my shoulder put your shoulders out if my mind i would shoot you with a bullet and you'd still be standing there fine. are you down in the convent standing in line to marry jesus and have his flock of children feed em all rice and beans go and raise em on the fault line in the valley of the flood.i cant see the angels faces they are bitter and they're gone i'm so tired of lying here missing a friend of mine. no he's right there in the cabinet gonna drink him all night long.when you find what you are looking for will you tell me what its for and if i have nothing you can pint out how poor i am how i love to love to you but i cant anymore(X2) do you know what i believe in you plan a future it makes you sore, such a mess we make of leaving and all the wounds we cannot cure. are you waving me goodbye or you calling me forward . the arrangements must be followed different company treat you right. go and lead by an example different lives. are you still running from disaster or you finally, finally free. would have loved to join you out there but that just aint, aint for me
Der raw 05:35
VERONICA:part of us is not bothered and part of tries my darling ive seen many sides of you. cold as in frozen hot as in boiling all these situations your spoiling me with. devil may take me b4 you break me my darling ive seen our demise, you looked into deeply smiled so sweetly said my only fear is you are right.so i went to war to forget what i saw on a horrible evening. yeah i shipped off feeling the loss burning as if i was just returning. and i fought in the battles, heard the rattles of guns, prayed for no sons of mine. but at least i dont see her no more i just see the dying.years melt away go face to face change color schemes breath lie awake. find tangible dreams means to an end pretend were not pretending. not notice the plot has fallen apart and hope, hope lies in some others eyes never admit to the lie of the land your slipping away like that scoth in your hand. oh veronica the sails the pails of water are empty oh veronica my nails have not grown back or anything oh veronica im fine but the next day i am not fine oh veronica heard she kept drinking and climbing up ladders i watched from a distance as she buried my sucessor find im still staring at sterile old rivers and wondering what is forgiveness and if i knew got rid of that taint would i still have the soul of a horse dead at the gate. cursin those who denied theres something wrong with the bride burning up there on the altar. forever holding their peace forever condemning me oh veronica the sails the pails of water are empty oh veronica my nails have not grown back or anything oh veronica im fine but the next day i am not fine oh veronica your name still gets played in my head oh veronica my lamest leg would still dance for you oh veronica im saved and the next day i am not saved oh veronica.
Final Round 04:34
FINAL ROUND: and afterward when there’s nothing left I could arrange if you would prefer some immunity from all kinds from all kindness imp tired of hands tired of rain tired if all the games.there fading now the photographs the smiles on us are fading fast are we richer now are we better off? the rings to tight i cut my finger off and all the blood i lost was your blood. my own my only prison has a lot to answer for much more to be forgiven if i did this for a living id be richer than the queen of england and nicer too, but not to you. take the priest from the parish tell him all you bad thing felt him get embarrassed. he not released but done all he could he said jesus christ this ain't hollywood. he left the room and you understood.but i didnt understand how to execute the simple plan i found your glove cant put it on, its not that i cant but i dont i could send it back but i wont. and even still im semi-hard from a photograph i had enlarged your at the beach as the sun goes down mad at me you have a gorgeous frown ringing the bells for the final round.
Fuck You 05:21
FUCK YOU: file your complaint with the law come back home with your broken jaw waving your arms and nothing is your fault. i dont admire you anymore and if it make you feel better i dont mind at all i will stop talking serve you whiskey thru a straw. devil will come and take you someday but now i picture you a lion all sore with a thorn in his paw. all because i am lonely and you dont care at all. ive been sitting here since we got married cleaning bloodstains in the hall. i don't recall very much i guess its my defense and i've never been in love i suspect. i have died in my sleep come back as shirly valentine but i spit in your food in the meantime. there's a jar in the floorboards and magically it collects change and I’m all saved up to make a change and all because i am lonely and you don't care at all i've been sitting here since we got married while you run around doing alcohol and the airplane felt like freedom and freedom is divine and thru a straw i drank my tiny bottle of wine thought if the note you would find, there would be no explanation if you need one your a fool just in big bold letters fuck you.


released January 1, 2011

All song by John Cathal O'Brien


all rights reserved



John Cathal O'Brien Brooklyn, New York

"Even in New York, O’Brien brings the melodies and lyricism of his birthplace, Dublin, Ireland, to the ears of those lucky enough to stumble into his path (or those nudged in his direction, as was the case this time)."
~ Lisa Regula Meyer , Ear To The Ground Music.
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